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It’s rare in showbiz to see a burgeoning relationship to be so open and have such freedom like what Julie Anne San Jose and Rayver Cruz have. It is of course understandable when a celebrity couple who’s just starting in their relationship to keep it privately but it’s different with Julie Anne and Rayver because their chemistry truly knocked everyone socks off in that 1 performance in Studo 7 a couple of years ago. We saw that chemistry blossom into a nice working team-up, to a special friendship, and now as a couple with so much talent to offer on top of it. The way they complement each other visually, talent-wise, and everything nice with both of their families being happy for them, it’s a perfect match.

To quote Rayver himself in this feature interview with Freebie MNL Spotlight; “Kaya alam mong we are meant for each other kasi nga, parang ang swabe lang ng lahat. Pinagtagpo talaga kaming dalawa—destiny!” INDEED they are.

Free to love
It is no secret that Julie and Rayver had controversial relationships in the past. There were even times when they couldn’t go all-out when admitting they were in love.

This time, however, Julie and Rayver are free to declare their love for each other publicly and their relationship does not involve any controversy.

Julie says about this, “Ang sarap lang sa pakiramdam kasi ‘yung industry kasi can be very demanding. At saka ‘yun nga, e, may thin line kasi sa pagiging public image and having a private life, di ba? Siyempre, kapag public image ka, people tend to—you know—be out there pagdating sa private life ng isang public image. So for us, masaya sa pakiramdam kasi open tapos walang problema, walang stress kasi alam namin na kapag kasi alam mong tama, wala kang magiging problema.”

Rayver, for his part, had his fair share of controversial relationships in the past. When asked about this, he declares, “Basta ang masasabi ko lang, ito yung pinakamasayang state ng buhay ko—yung with her, with Julie.” The actor-dancer expounds, “Parang kada gising ko sa umaga, ang saya lang, walang problema. Alam mo yun, ang happy lang ng lahat and yun yung siguro masarap sa pakiramdam. Kaya alam mong we are meant for each other kasi nga, parang ang swabe lang ng lahat. Pinagtagpo talaga kaming dalawa—destiny!”


JulieVer’s ultimate goal
Despite being a new couple, it seems like Julie Anne San Jose and Rayver Cruz are already looking forward to the next level of their relationship.

This becomes evident in their answer to FreebieMNL’s question of what they’re looking forward to the most in their relationship.

Without batting an eyelash, Julie Anne answers, “Last one. Last relationship. Charot!” She then expounds, “Yun naman talaga ang ultimate goal. Siyempre, I want to wake up every day inspired sa kanya, sa pagmamahal sa kanya. And marami akong nilo-look forward kasi siyempre, mahaba-haba pa yung tatakbuhin. Basta through thick and thin, hindi naman ako—I’m not going anywhere naman. I’m always here and he knows naman why I’m here and what I signed up for.”

Rayver also declares that Julie is his “endgame.”

He expounds, “Maiksi lang naman ako sumagot pero alam naman ni Juls na siya na yung endgame ko and very positive sa side na yun. As long as we put naman God the center of everything, everything will fall perfectly in place.”

He then turns to Julie and tells her, “So, just like you, so perfect.” (READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE)

(IMAGES: Freebie MNL)

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