Quick Confidence Boosters: 4 Ways To Boost Your Confidence Fast

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We all have those moments where our confidence takes a wobble, or we’re not quite feeling as on the ball as we need to be. Be it a big presentation at work, an important client meeting, facing difficulties in life, or even doing something new alone that is worrying you.

Whatever the reason you need a sharp, swift confidence boost, these tips can help you out in a pinch and allow you to get through times when you need to be extra confident. 

Wear Something Meaningful

Do you have an item of clothing that means something to you? Or an item of jewellery? Wearing small things that make you feel good or give a positive memory can help you to draw on those good times and give you the strength to push through whatever you’re facing. Whether you are choosing new items from diamond jewelry trends 2023, wearing an heirloom piece, or a favorite pair of shoes or clothing, put it on, wear it with pride and improve your confidence at that moment. 

Bring Morale Support

It isn’t always possible to have someone with you depending on the circumstances; however, if you can, take someone with you who can bolster your feelings and you can lean on when you need to. Bring your hype person with you to give you an on-the-spot boost to tackle the task at hand. 


Visualization is the act of seeing yourself in a particular scenario or environment and imagining how you want things to go. What is the optimal outcome you aim for, and what will you do to achieve a positive result? By visualizing what you want to happen beforehand and running through different scenarios and your reactions to what could happen, you can set yourself up for success.

So take some time to mentally run through the situation and then use this to help you be more assertive and confident when the time comes. 

Smile and Make Eye Contact

Have you ever watched confident people closely? You will see that every single move they make and word they say is intentional. They put themselves on the same level as those around them and ensure they are always engaging. This starts with making eye contact with everyone in the room. Stand tall, greet everyone with a smile, and look them in the eye. This small act instantly gives off an air of confidence and can help you get off on the right foot even if you feel less than confident going into the situation. From here, you can use this initial boost to push through and avoid being the person who shrinks away in the background wishing they were front and center. 

Boosting confidence isn’t always easy as it seems. And with millions of Americans struggling with low self-esteem, you need to be able to draw tips and tricks to help be as confident in the moment as possible and get you the results you need without you having to push yourself too far out of your boundaries.

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