Steps To Landing Your Next Job Post-Pandemic

Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, everyone will be fervently searching for employment. 2020 has been a trying year for many people with the increase in job losses and COVID-19 infections. You will need to prepare yourself accordingly when reentering the workforce following the pandemic, and thankfully there are a few steps to take to get ahead of the game.

Get Professional Headshots

Professional headshots are the visual key to getting hired anywhere. The headshot must be from the bust upward with no blurriness, and the subject must not be wearing any ostentatious makeup or accessories. Neutral colored clothing in professional headshots Rochester NY, works best as a display of professionalism, while brighter colors can show off the person’s personality.

Practice Interview Questions

Interviews are tough. It’s not uncommon for job seekers to dread answering questions they might not know the answer to right away. Many resources on the internet exist to provide answers to the most common interview questions. Search by job industry to find questions and answers specific to the industry, and practice answering these questions in the mirror or with a friend before the interview to prepare yourself.

Freshen Up the Resume

Resumes show employers information about your job history and qualifications. Entry-level job hunters should have one page of information that consists of your education, job experience, and relevant skills. Seasoned employees, on the other hand, will have more than one page. A good tip to remember is that volunteer experience is not only wonderful to have, but it also qualifies as job experience. Any typos and grammatical errors should be corrected before printing out resume copies.

Job hunting is not always a fun task. Make sure to take these three necessary steps into account when searching for your next job after the pandemic.

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