Dress & White Sneakers Style Inspo: Barbie Forteza, Belle Mariano, Bianca Umali, Julie Anne San Jose, Kim Chiu, Maine Mendoza, & Sanya Lopez

Dress and White Sneakers Style is soooooo chic and comfortable. The outfit combo has been a staple around Spring and Summer seasons among fashionistas. Here are 7 celebrities who look cute and comfy in their own dress and white sneakers OOTD. Read all the way to the end for my own interpretation of the style combo.

Barbie Forteza in her crochet dress at Clark Aurora Music Festival. (📸 April 2023)

Belle Mariano looking sooo cute and trendy in white cutout dress, sneakers, and pink bag. (📸 July 2022)

Bianca Umali always nailing chic and comfy in loose blazer over pretty blue cutout dress, and her Alexander McQueen sneakers. (📸 August 2022)

Julie Anne San Jose showing us how to perfectly pair an LBD with white sneakers. (📸 October 2022)

Kim Chiu being romantc in a red babydoll dress and sneakers for Love Month. (📸 Feb 2023)

Maine Mendoza is California ready in green printed dress, white sneakers, and CHANEL bag. (📸 April 2023)

Sanya Lopez in her no-fuss no-frills travel style in Thailand wearing tan brown jumpsuit dress and white sneakers. (📸 October 2022)

As a bonus stlye inspo, Yours Truly in Shein floral printed dress and Michael Kors sneakers. Hubby calls my sneakers “shopping shoes” because when I wear it he knows I’m about to cause some damage. 😉😅 (📸 July 2022)

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