Liza Soberano On The Context Of “Utang Na Loob”

In Liza Soberano‘s cover feature with PREVIEW PH magazine for the month of April, one of the difficult topics she tackled was the context of Filipino culture, “Utang Na Loob.” It was something thrown at her by naysayers after her controversial vlog about changing, growing, and stepping out of the Pinoy showbiz norm to pursue more, have voice, and control of her future. All of a sudden, Liza has no “utang na loob” and is ungrateful for everything she earned and towards people that helped her.

In people’s quest to fight for “loyalty” and proving to everyone they are hardcore network fans, they seemed to have forgotten that Liza worked for that “utang na loob” as well. That people earned money for her hardwork too. Liza articulately said, that of course it’s good to be grateful and to have utang na loob but that doesn’t equate to being in debt forever. Nor should it be held over someone’s head especially when the person also worked just as hard for whatever service given. And I couldn’t agree more.

If the past month has taught us anything about Liza Soberano, it’s that, whether she inadvertently starts them or not, she’s not one to shy away from difficult conversations. After the divisive reactions to her vlog, debates on gratitude turned into a discourse about the Filipino culture of “utang na loob” and just how far it should go. Asked about the issue, Liza maintains, “It’s good to be grateful for everything that you have. But being grateful doesn’t equate to being forever in debt to somebody. I think that it’s unfair that we hold the things that we do for other people, the opportunities that we give other people, over their heads and make them believe that they have to pay for that forever. And so it’s good to have utang na loob, but if you work just as hard to repay the service that was given to you, it shouldn’t be held over your head forever. You shouldn’t be held hostage by things that other people do for you.”

Then again, it wouldn’t matter what Liza said or did not say, and how she said it. To some, she committed a mortal sin because she left her old management, network, and is not saying or doing what they want her to say or do anymore! That’s their bottom line. Just ask Bea Alonzo. ☺️

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