10 Fun Ideas For Family Days Out

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Fancy a family day out, but not sure where to go? School break is almost here and before you know it we’ll all be doing family activities to enjoy the summer. Below are just a few different ways to get out of the house and spend quality time as a family.

Zoos can be an existing opportunity to see animals from all over the world. Most zoos are heavily catered to kids and will have all kinds of attractions beyond animals. Beyond regular zoos, you can also consider safari parks, which allow you to drive around and see various animals close-up from your car.

Suitable for a rainy day, aquariums are a chance to learn about underwater wildlife. You’re most likely to find aquariums by the coast, although inland aquariums do exist. Beyond the animals, some aquariums will have other attractions such as indoor play areas.

Children’s farm
Children’s farms are typically cheaper than zoos, but can be just as fun for young kids. These farms are catered around families and often have attractions beyond animals such as play areas and sandpits. Some children’s farms shut in winter, so bear this in mind.

Museums can be a learning experience as well as a fun day out. Most of today’s museums are designed with kids in mind and will have exhibitions or activities catered towards kids ranging from activity sheets to interactive displays. Most museums are also indoors, making them suitable for any time of year.

Steam/miniature railway
If your kids love trains, why not consider looking into local miniature railways or steam railways? You could be surprised what you can find locally – miniature railways are becoming increasingly popular and there are quite a few well-preserved steam railways across the country.

Fun park
You could also see if there is a fun park in your area. Fun parks typically contain all kinds of attractions such as mini golf, bowling, games arcades, go karts and play areas. You could try one activity or several activities in one day.

Theme park
Theme parks are great for families that love rides. Some theme parks are better suited to young kids and have lots of smaller rides, while others are better suited to older kids due to containing more big ‘thrill’ rides. Make sure to choose the right theme park.

Water park
Water parks are ideal on a hot summer’s day. They typically contain outdoor pools, slides and other water attractions. Indoor water parks do exist too and can be a good option all year round.

Live within driving distance of the coast? Why not consider a day out at the beach? Beach days out can be quite cheap – if it’s a nice day and you’ve packed enough toys and refreshments, you won’t need to spend any money. Beach days out aren’t as fun in winter, although some kids may still enjoy a walk along the beach.


A trip to the woods can make a great free day out. You can have a picnic, play games and try to spot wildlife. Consider if there is a local forest near you and consider taking a drive there.

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