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Bianca Gonzalez Intal talks about turning 40 with a renewed sense of self and her own definition of wellness

In March this year, Intal went on a solo trip to Bhutan to celebrate her 40th birthday. After years of raising two kids—one seven and one four—and consistently working, Intal thought it was the perfect time to reconnect with herself. She says she chose Bhutan because she had heard great things about the place, and she knew she wouldn’t regret not bringing her kids with her—unlike, for instance, if she were to go to South Africa, a place where her animal-loving family would be ecstatic to visit.

“Before I got married and had kids I really liked traveling alone because I’m an introvert and I’m a people watcher,” she says. “Kaya kong nasa café lang buong hapon ’tapos manunuod lang ako ng mga tao. It brings me joy.” When her husband, former professional basketball player JC Intal, asked her how she wanted to celebrate her birthday, she knew she wanted to cross out one of the places on her bucket list. JC, who is also turning 40 later this year, “was very supportive.”

Since she became a mother, Intal has been passing on her values to her children and showing them what’s important. Every day, they see her leave the house for work. “They have to know that it’s not only daddies who work, but mommies work, too,” she says. “And that whatever we have here at home is because Mommy and Daddy work. It doesn’t come easily. I think that’s part of wellness.”

She also wants to make sure that her children see the importance of taking care of oneself: “Part of my fitness routine is running around the village. So, at night, while they’re having dinner, I’ll say, ‘Okay, Mommy’s going to run.’ For me, I hope they understand and see that I’m doing something to keep me healthy, to keep me fit, and something for myself.”(READ FULL ARTICLE HERE/IMAGES)

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