Celebrity Moms W/ Successful Business Ventures

Celebrity moms Neri Miranda, Judy Ann Santos, Marian Rivera, Anne Curtis, and Georgina Wilson are juggling motherhood, career, and their own business ventures. They are a Lady Boss in their own right and highly successful at it. They each found their niches by knowing who they are and what they are passionate about. I believe that’s the key to having a successful business. You have to know, love, and understand what you’re selling. And most importantly, you have to be willing to put in the hard work and continuously digging through your creative juices to keep the business going.

NERI MIRANDA aka “Wais Na Misis” found the magic in venturing onto food, home. and lifestyle. She has Gourmet Tuyo, Rest House rentals, StatioNeri, VERY NERI beddings, VERY NERI SLEEPWEAR, Neri’s Cottage, Neri’s Not So Secret Garden, and VERY NERI ACCESSORIES. If I miss anything please let me know. While juggling all these businesses along with being a Mom and wife, Neri has also enrolled in Harvard Business School Online Program. Wais an wais!!

JUDY ANN SANTOS‘ love for cooking has transitioned into opening Angrydobo – a much-loved dish by her husband Ryan Agoncillo, name borne out of a lover’s fight 14 years ago back in Los Angeles. Angrydobo is now a full-fledged restaurant in Taft Avenue as well as Ready-To-Cook boxes for you to make at home. Gotta love Adobo!

MARIAN RIVERA‘s love for flowers brought FLORA VIDA By Marian to life. It started with preserved flower arrangements that last for 2 years to a HOME collection which Marian launched at the end of 2020. Each collection going sold out a day(or 2) after launch dates. Marian shared in a Zoom chat with a few showbiz columnists last year that with her business growing she’s also taking a business course through an online program. FYI, FLORA VIDA by Marian is not the only business Marian has. She also has Apartments For Rent – La Casa Buena – back in Cavite. During the 2012 special of Tunay Na Buhay, the apartment has 12 units. I’ve heard that there might be 32 units now but don’t quote me on that. If you watch the video below, Marian briefly shared about buying lands as well. That Marian, she knows exactly what best investments to get into.

ANNE CURTIS‘s BLK Cosmetics was the result of Anne’s passion for makeup. It has everything you need for face, eyes, and lips with oh-so-many pretty shades. BLK also just launched BLK Scents. I believe Anne is also one of the owners of RECESS. Anne loves to workout so it just makes sense that she’s extending that love in fitness clothing.

GEORGINA WILSON’s SUNNIES started with cool sunglasses which now has a cosmetics, and specs lines as well.

KUDOS to all these moms wearing different hats and definitely looking FAB in them. Moms get things done!

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