Marian Rivera In Magda Butrym Dress W/ Olympia Le-Tan Paris Clutch

Not everyone liked the Magda Butrym maxi dress that Marian Rivera wore for the Guillermo Box Office Entertainnment Awards but I DO. Not because I’m biased, HAH! But because this is one of the reasons why I love Marian’s style identity. She wears what she likes and is comfortable with. She’s not looking for any validation from anyone out there judging what she wears or how they think she should look according to what the local fashion magazine industry is pushing. Nor is she trying to portray such kind of image that she should only wear a certain style. Marian doesn’t feel the need to wear body-hugging clothes or skin-baring items all the time just to show everyone she’s sexy. Marian’s style is cozy, comfortable, chic, but also slightly experimental to suit her pallete. I LOVE THAT!

So anyway, in here she wore Magda Butrym bell-sleeve maxi dress with a detachable flower brooch. If you know Marian’s style, she loves brooches and the color pink. The dress with 70’s inspired look is flowy and very feminine. (Images: marianrivera @studio24c)

Meanwhile, a bagaholic that Marian is, she’s introducing us to Olympia Le-Tan Paris clutches. OMG, they’re so poetic and oh-so-pretty. Marian has the Hong Kong clutch. I would personally, if I can afford it, will be all over the Jane Austen clutches or any of the book-related ones. Watch other celebs holding one of these clutches soon. Marian always sets the trend. 😍😉

Dexie Jane

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