Kathryn Bernardo For MEGA April 2024

Kathryn Bernardo is not looking back, only moving forward, and choosing herself in the Self-Love issue of MEGA Magazine for April 2024. Kathryn forges ahead as she delves onto the topic of forgiveness, shattering stereotypes, and seizing control of her destiny.

No Looking Back, Only Moving Forward: Kathryn Bernardo is Choosing Herself

She isn’t faultless, and she would explain why with utter insouciance, coupled with her million-dollar smile. She is one of the most hard-working actresses of her generation—and probably the most successful in terms of box-office hits—but she can sleep in until noon if her schedule permits. She has a nightlife. She isn’t naive or prude. She goes out with friends whenever she can, because, well, who doesn’t at her age and insane work schedule? She drinks, yes. She attends parties. She loves food. And she has worked long enough to define herself outside her life of fame.


The art of healing
In recent memory, if there’s one character to whom she felt the strongest attachment, it was Philo, whose life she had lived for months. In fact, her co-star de Leon, whom she calls Ms. D, and her acting coach had to teach Bernardo how to say goodbye to something she had with her for a long time.

“There is a way to go back to your old self kapag nag-cut na,” she says. “It’s healthier. Siyempre, you’re going to keep a part of that character forever in your heart. They call it pagpag, kasi kung hindi, baka mabaliw ako.”

Letting go is an art that has been harrowingly familiar to Bernardo in the past year, especially within the closed doors of her private life.


In these past months, she has learned how to keep herself—and her mind—busy, but more than that, she has learned how to compartmentalize.

“When it happened, I still had to honor my professional commitment,” she tells us. Although there are traces of hesitation in her voice, she pulls through it with pauses. The “it” she’s talking about is, of course, the break-up with Padilla. “I mean, you’re a human being. You have to experience all the process, all the pain, lahat. But I always make sure that when it comes to my work, nothing is affected.” And that’s a physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding task. Every month, she explains, her management sends her a calendar, which has all the projects she has to do—and that calendar is almost always full. There wasn’t much time to wallow in sentiments. (SOURCE/READ MORE: MEGA)

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