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Pia Wurtzbach talks to PALLAZZO magazine about her journey in Miss Universe 2015 which she says opened a lot of doors for her. Taking in stride the criticisms that she’s a “trying hard” with a positive mindset. Pia also talked about her various charitable endeavors, how the Miss Universe pageant has evolved, sucess in navigating the fashion world, dedication to her fitness and health, her presence in social media, and many more.

As a former Miss Universe, you have had an extraordinary journey. How has this experience influenced your life and career?

I’d say being Miss Universe has had the biggest impact on my life. In fact, I feel like it’s truly been THE “defining moment” for me. The crown literally changed my life and opened so many doors of opportunities for me. I couldn’t imagine what life would be like if Miss Universe 2015 didn’t happen for me. My journey always reminds me that if something is meant for you, it will happen for you. You just need to put in the work.

You are not just a symbol of beauty but also of strength and empowerment. How do you see your role as a role model for young women around the world?

I once mentioned this in a tweet – I am grateful to people who call me their “queen” but I think the biggest and most heartwarming compliment for me is when people tell me how much they relate to me. My journey to the crown wasn’t easy. Be it in pageantry, in showbiz and even in my recent appearances in fashion week, I’ve been called “trying hard”. Among many other things, I think I’m here to remind young women around the world that there is nothing bad about trying (too) hard. Nothing in life comes easy and the courage to try is what will open doors for you.

As an ambassador for various charitable organizations, you advocate for various causes. Can you tell us about a project or initiative that is particularly close to your heart?

I always joke about being “raised by the gays” because it’s true. During my journey in pageantry, the LGBTQIA+ community was there supporting me. SOGIE education is something that’s very close to my heart. Apart from that, I’ve spent the last few years working on HIV awareness with local and international organizations. Especially in the Philippines, it’s something that needs to be talked about more and there’s still so much destigmatizing that needs to be done.(SOURCE/READ MORE HERE)

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