#Autism: Dining Out Gets Easier

For my birthday this past December 31st we went to a fancy restaurant to get a really good piece of prime rib. This was also the time after a very long time of not going to fancy places in fear of Emma’s meltdowns that we were brave to venture back out there. Yah know, we don’t want to be judged nor do we want to disturb other people’s dining out experiences. This is just part of our Autism journey with Emma that we have come to accept and live through harmoniously.

I just have to share how absolutely peaceful experience the night was. The food was great and we enjoyed every morsel tremendously. There were no incidents whatsoever that on our way home my husband and I couldn’t help but comment that everything was just so normal. Apologies for any political incorrectness that statement may bring but that was basically the best word that came to mind right there and then to describe the whole thing.

I told Scott that night that some parents of Autistic children are sometimes scared to go anywhere because of meltdowns that may arise when in the situation due to sensory issues or other reasons. I don’t take that against them and I understand completely. Having said that, other autism families like us have been more “adventurous” in not letting Emma stay in a bubble. We let her experience things that way she’ll know how to handle them as she goes through her journey. We’ve gotten the stares and the judgmental looks but we ignored them and pushed through. That night proved that our efforts are working.

I’m not going to try to give any other Autism families advice on going out and living life comfortably. Instead I’ll tell you that the journey gets better. Just keep that hope and do whatever you think is best for your Autistic child/children. You know your child better than anyone else the same way we knew how much Emma would love to dress in her pink fancy dress, sit down in a nice table, enjoy warm bread with butter, and her order of delicious made-from-scratch cheese pizza. I’m confident that going to smaller places like Pizza Hut, Mexican restaurants, Hibachi places, and fast food restaurants on regular days whenever we can afford to go out have helped immensely in her dining out experience.

That night was my birthday slash major points in Emma’s progress.

Dexie Jane

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