Myrna Baluyot & Joy Wang’s Statements After Maine Mendoza Shut Them Down On Her Blog

In the blog entry where Maine Mendoza confirms she’s dating Arjo Atayde she also mentioned 2 specific names, Myrna Baluyot and Joy Wang. These two are the most persistent and incorrigible in claiming that Maine and Alden are together in real life. Maine shut them down completely by saying they are not connected to her, her friends, pemily, and management. Maine has no idea where they are getting their stories from which Maine adamantly proclaims are fabricated.

Without further adieu, here’s what Myrna Baluyot thinks about what Maine said; (credit to @etchel1429/)

And here’s what Joy Wang insists is the real truth;

At the end of the day there’s always common sense and it’s FREE!!🤔💁

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