Time To [Learn How To] Sew W/ My SINGER Sewing Machine 4423

I’ve ALWAYS wanted a sewing machine. I don’t actually know how to sew but I’m slightly familiar how thanks to my stepmother’s Mom. That was her trade and I’ve watched her work her sewing machine and she taught me a few things as well. But, that was like yearsssssss ago. So anyway, as much as I’ve wanted a sewing machine for so long I can never justify buying one for myself. They cost more than my cheapskate self is willing to pay for, HAH! Occasionally I would look around Goodwill of Thrift stores to see what they’ve got. I would see some here and there but I’m wary at how they would work, being used and all and how long it would last.

A couple of weeks ago I saw one at a Trade It! store for $18. Tempting but again, would it work and last for a while? I walked away and forgot about it. One day Scott said I have a small package coming it so keep an eye out for it. Naturally, being my impatient self, I bugged him for days what the small package was. Because I’m THAT person, HAHAHAHA. And then the mail came. There it was, “small” and quite a heavy package.

I don’t know who was more excited, Me or Emma whom by the way have been asking if we could make custom plushies ever since I taught her how to sew with a needle. I kept explaining to her that our basic needle skills are not going to cut it. We’re going to need a sewing machine for that job. Now we have one and Mommy doesn’t have an excuse anymore. 🤪🤣

I took this corner in the office to be my Sewing area. I might eventually tell Scott to move his military paraphernalia in his office/music/recording room one of these days. As I slowly set this corner up I am reminded that starting something always cost more. Now that I have the sewing machine I also need fabric and all the sewing tools available, HAHA! The receipts are piling up for sure. Fabrics and patterns are so addicting, who knew?

As I go through learning all about sewing, I have to get a foldable table and I’m hoping to find a dress mannequin at an antique or Thrift store as well.

Our first project was a simple square purse which I made on the day this small package was delivered to my house. I was trying to remember the basic sewing skills I learned from my stepmother’s Mom. It turns out it’s like riding a bike. I’ll get there eventually and then I’ll start teaching Emma. I actually want to make a dress for her today since I’ve fixed the thread tension at 6am. Somehow it got loose a few days ago probably while I was familiarizing myself with the numerous stitching and winding threads for the bobbins. It wasn’t sewing right last night and it was driving me crazy until I woke up today. I got it fixed this morning so YAY, I think I’m making a dress later on today using one of Emma’s dresses as a guide pattern. I’m quite excited. Scott is afraid I’ll sew my fingers off but I think I’ll be fine. 😅😂

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