Lotlot de Leon Defends Daughter Janine Gutierrez

As expected, Bong Revilla‘s manager and publicist Lolit Solis reacted to Janine Gutierrez‘s reaction to Revilla’s TV comeback. In classic Lolit fashion, she’s calling out Janine for being cruel in not giving Bong a second chance to work as if the corrupt plunderer is in dire need of income 🙄 and a job(isn’t he a Senator?). To the point of belittling Janine by bringing up everything else that has nothing to do with the issue on hand. Classic pa-victim tactic. The irony is, Lolit is fond of mentioning how old she is yet she can’t respect other people’s opinions and choices while picking on a person much younger then her. If only I could roll my eyes back much much much further.

Lotlot de Leon defended her daughter by telling the story of when Janine decided to join showbiz and as a mother and someone who grew up in this world, Lotlot was understandably hesitant. She saw Janine’s determination and willingness to accept everything so she said yes eventually. Amidst all of what’s going on right now, Lotlot would rather take all the criticisms but is choosing her battles as she has learned along the way, as well as being OK with voicing out your opinion. It doesn’t diminish who you are when you speak up for what you think is right. EXACTLY. To Lotlot, you and Monching raised Janine well. She is her own person and I wish for her to never lose her confidence and bravery to keep speaking up. BRAVO!!

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