Dingdong Dantes’ New Venture Helps Displaced Entertainment Workers

Inspired by a situation that happened in the delivery service of Marian Rivera‘s Flora Vida By Marian‘s flower business, Dingdong Dantes found a way to help out displaced employees in the entertainment business who rely on a daily job to get paid. These are the workers who are involved behind-the-scenes who are now lacking income because taping shows and shooting movies were stopped due to COVID-19. Dingdong’s new business venture, aptly called DingDong PH, aims to help these workers out by hiring them as riders to deliver goods ordered by dialing into the DingDong PH app. You ring it and they’ll bring it to you. What an AWESOME idea. For more details, updates, and how to avail the service make sure to follow the Instagram and Facebook accounts.

“Nagsimula lahat ng ito dahil sa inspirasyon e. Kasi my wife (Marian Rivera) has this flower business na ginagawa lang niya sa bahay, so home-based siya,” the Descendants of the Sun lead actor shared. “One time, mayroon siyang isang kliyente na kailangan niyang pag-deliver-an ng bulaklak. Pagdating doon, nagkamali ng pinto tapos nasira pa.”

The YesPinoy Foundation founder, who had also recently started promoting work-from-home jobs for Filipinos in lockdown, said he had to volunteer and deliver the flowers personally using his own scooter.

“Doon nagsimula ‘yung idea, at lumawak na lang siya,” Dingdong continued. “In the past weeks, after talking with friends who share the same vision and passion, an idea was developed, hence the birth of Doorbell Technologies.”

He went on, “This pandemic became a game-changer para sa akin, pati sa bahay namin, pati sa buhay namin. As many people know, this also became an equalizer, it leveled the playing field. Pero it has crushed and damaged some industries; it paved the way for some to flourish.”

The actor-navy reservist did not mention the specific date when they are going to launch the app but told his colleagues in the live chat that the initial batch of riders will be those from the entertainment industry who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 crisis.

“Kung gagawa ako ng isang bagay, gusto ko klaro ang kaniyang social impact,” Dingdong explaind. “‘Yong inspiration also behind this is the fact that I have several workmates who lost their jobs in the entertainment industry… ‘Yung riders na gagamitin natin, ‘yung nawalan ng trabaho dito sa industriya namin.” (SOURCE)

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