Disney UK’s 2020 Christmas Advert Features Filipino Traditions

Who cried after watching Disney UK’s 2020 Christmas Advert? I sure did! Disney here making Filipinos feel all sorts of love and nostalgia. We’re all big on family traditions but Filipinos are waaaaayyyy up there on the hierarchy when it comes to family traditions. There’s the pagmamano which is a gesture of reverence for elders. The beautiful Christmas Parol 🌟⭐ which is a symbol of Pinoy Christmas decorations. Then there’s Lola(grandmother). Ahhhhh, all the FEELS. Thank you, Disney UK. ❤️❤️❤️

Dexie Jane

Mother of 2. She drinks coffee everyday and wine on the weekends. She devours massive amount of chocolate, pork, and sushi. She loves to dance in her living room and binge-watches KDRAMA, historical dramas, and excessive unhealthy dose of Crime/Murder mysteries/dramas/documentaries. She's also a proud Bibliophile and loves being a bargain fashionista & SHOEHOLIC!

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