Marian Rivera Is One Of Forbes Asia’s 100 Digital Stars

There are 3 important facts in Marian Rivera‘s inclusion on Forbes Asia’s 100 Digital Stars list. (1)Albeit unranked, Marian is 20th among the 100. (2)Marian is the 1st Filipino mentioned on the list. (3)Marian is the ONLY Kapuso among the 7 notables names included.

Then you read the description attached to her photo and you’ll realize how impressive her inclusion is not because it listed all her numerous accomplishments throughout the years. It actually tells you the power of being Marian Rivera. Her only TV presence these days is her hosting job in GMA Public Affairs’ TADHANA yet she continues to be the banner carrier of GMA Network. Marian Rivera consistently pull in the endorsements with the credibility and status to demand a talent fee more than anyone in her network. Some columnists would always shade her “Kapuso Primetime Queen” title because she’s not in any teleseryes these days therefore she shouldn’t be called that in their opinion. Well guess what, it doesn’t even matter anymore because being the ONLY Kapuso star among the 7 Filipino stars in the Forbes Asia 100 list has once again cemented her KAPUSO QUEEN status. Most importantly, no one can deny how she has used her influence to further her many advocacies and raising awareness while also maintaining a positive and inspiring digital footprint. Congratulations, Marian!!

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