Celebrities React To The Shooting Of 2 People In Broad Daylight By Cop Jonel Nuezca

A viral video(WARNING: THE VIDEO IN THIS NEWS LINK CONTAINS A HIGHLY SENSITIVE MATERIAL) showed an off-duty cop Jonel Nuesca shooting in broad daylight 2 people in front of his daughter and other witnesses. It showed an abuse of power by someone who swore to serve and protect. It showed a father letting his daughter know how he abuses his power which in all accountability, the daughter is most probably aware of by how she was shouting at the 2 people, “my father is a policeman” before they were shot in cold blood. This cop has a record of crimes that he’s gotten away with for years. No amount of context can justify what he did and how his daughter is taught to be an entitled spoiled brat. Be Outraged!

Dexie Jane

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