My Unsolicited Advice To Alden Richards’ Goal Of Going Global/International

I’ve read a few articles this year wherein Alden Richards mentioned his goal of going global/international this year. GREAT!! I hope he goes for it. But going for it needs a few important things. The talent and looks are there. The drive and perseverance, CHECK! The work ethics and hard work, definitely YES. Now this is what he needs to do in my opinion and unsolicited advice.

1. Get an international agent/manager. Don’t rely on GMA Artist Center to take care of everything. GMAAC could take care of local but an agent from another country wherever Alden wants to pursue his international dream is a MUST!

2. It’s very different in Hollywood. Unless you’re Tom Cruise/Brat Pitt/Tom Hanks/George Clooney/Matt Damon/Ben Affleck/Julia Roberts/Meryl Streep/Jennifer Lawrence/Leonardo Dicaprio/Emma Stone/Gal Gadot/Robert Downey Jr/The Rock/Ryan Reynolds/Reese Witherspoon/Jennifer Aniston, An Avenger/DC Heroes and all the other Top Tier A-LIST superstars, the roles are not going to be handed to you. You’ll have to leave your pride and ego out the door and audition, A LOT. The agent/management would be able to procure or advice him of available auditions. You know those series and movies on Netflix, networks, PPV channels(HBO/Showtime/Starz), and other streaming apps? The actors went through an audition process. Even the aforementioned huge stars all went through auditions when they started before becoming Hollywood superstars. Realistically speaking, not all auditions mean you’ll get the job. There are plenty of competition in Hollywood who are all going for that 1 role. So you go to more auditions….

3. You have to be willing to say no to projects or let go of some in the Philippines. The easy money for an easy work for 2 days or a week or 2-3 months will have to be set aside. I think this is a tricky part because when you already have a name and a certain status in the Philippines’ showbiz the constant work flow is hard to say no to or let go off because there’s already guaranteed money there. This is comfortable and ego-boosting if we’re being honest here. Then there’s the fear of being deemed ungrateful/disloyal for saying NO because God Forbid you say no to your Manager or a friend of your Manager or a publicist or a company. Oh the audacity… am I wrong?

For Alden to really pursue international he’s going to make difficult decisions and sacrifice a few. He needs to think real hard if everything is worth it. Will his fans be able to handle not watching him on Eat Bulaga 6 days a week? Not having a teleserye or a movie for a while? Or not hearing from him or about him constantly? It isn’t going to be instant just because he’s already ALDEN RICHARDS in the Philippines. The potential is most definitely there but is Alden willing to leave a few things behind, say no to some things, and go on auditions? There are some Filipino actors from the Philippines who’ve tried but I’m guessing the comfort of already being a star in the Philippines with a guaranteed paycheck were factors of why nothing ever came into fruition.

Again, just my unsolicited advice. I’m just saying it like it is and saying it from a fan perspective who can see realistically without bias. Take my advice constructively, with a grain of salt, a smirk, talk about how wrong I am in private chat rooms, or completely ignore me. You’re not going to hurt my feelings, I promise ☺️😎. I hope Alden goes for it and I wish him all the recognition and success he’s always dreamed of. This could be a journey where Alden’s life is meant for and is just waiting for him to grab a hold of. If Alden meant doing Filipino Indie films with the directors like Brillante Ma Mendoza, Erik Matti, Aloy Adlawan, Yam Laranas, etc.. with the potential of being recognized in the global awards circuit, same advice, then I say GO FOR IT! Alden can talk about this desire and dream ad nauseam every year until he’s blue in the face but until he actually takes that step forward then it’s going to stay in the backburner and just a constant topic in interviews. At the end of the day, it’s all up to him. Take the step, Alden.

Dexie Jane

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