Sideboard For My Kitchen

My kitchen is the biggest compromise when we bought our house. There’s not much counter space and on the other side of it is the laundry area. For years I’ve managed because at the end of the day it is functional and I’ve done what I could creatively to navigate the space. At one point I had a rectangle dining table in this corner to serve as a counterspace(it is now a sewing table). Then I’ve experimented with an island table I found at a Thrift store. I also have a rolling island from Big Lots that since I have this sideboard, I now have 2 islands in the middle of the kitchen. It’s a bit tight but it is still manageable and I still like it or at least I could live with it until I get another crazy idea but don’t tell my husband that. 😅

So anyway, I’ve been looking around for the perfect size to go in this corner and the right price, of course. I saw this one from OfferUp and thought it was perfect. I love the mahogany color too. It is used but I know it’s just right. I was going and forth about it though. As my birthday was approaching last year(December 31st), Scott decided to get it for me. He knows I couldn’t make up my mind about it so he stepped in, ☺️. He helped me searched online and considered one from Wayfair but I was hesitant because the one I saw was not as tall as I wanted. And I really have this one from OfferUp that I keep going back to. Plus it is much cheaper and no assembly required. Long story short, I went for it. BOOM, finally a sideboard for this kitchen corner. Finally, space and drawers for all my baking paraphernalia. This helped free up spaces from the pantry. Woohooo!

As you can see, the top surface holds my kitchen aid and baking/pasta containers, the huge microwave, and the catch-all basket on the other side. Big enough space to hold everything.

I don’t have to lug around this big machine from pantry to counter then back to pantry whenever Emma and I are baking. Now it sits here comfortably. Scott also got me this set of Chef’s Path Airtight Containers for baking and pasta items. The vintage flour sifter is from my mother-in-law.

First middle drawer.

Second middle drawer.

Third middle drawer.

Fourth middle drawer.

Left and right side cabinets hold cookbooks.

Left-top drawer for sprinkles, candy decors, and baking spices.

Right-top drawer for some of the piping tips(some are in the 2nd middle drawer), decors, candles, and food coloring.

This sideboard is definitely serving its purpose which I’ve intended it to be. Storage for all of my baking stuff, a top surface that’s big enough to hold what I have on it right now, it’s the right height and width that it’s not protruding from its spot. The 2 table islands I have are now in the middle of the kitchen. Somehow I’ve managed to put them together as my one big island. They don’t match but they’re serving their purpose. Maybe I’ll show that next time!

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