#AUTISM: Movies For My High-Functioning Autistic Teen

It’s getting really difficult trying to find movies that suits my high-functioning Autistic 14yr old. I try to find teen movies for her to watch to relate age wise but without all the – boy-crazy-love-obsessed with trends/social media-trying to fit in-mean girls – stories. I know, it is long as heck but try browsing and scrolling through all the streaming apps and that’s all you could find for teens. While most teens are into those things, my teenager is not. The reality is, she’s a bit behind emotionally and talking about boys or having a “boyfriend” like girls her age is far from her scope. Thank Goodness, ☺️🙅‍♀️!

My quest is to find good movies that she’d enjoy as a teen and at the same time wholesome and not so boy-crazy and not under mean girls genre, basically. So far, she’s enjoyed Mrs. Doubtfire and Deedra & Laney Rob A Train.

She’s usually apprehensive knowing what might happen during the movies and it gives her such anxiety. Like anticipating the discovery of Mrs. Doubtfire‘s duplicity but still, she enjoyed the movie. As far as Deedra & Laney Rob A Train(there’s a mean girls element), she understood why the girls did what they had to do. At one point I had to step out of the room and when I returned she told me what I’ve missed. She also told her Dad all about it the next day. Her maturity as a 14yr old high-functioning Autistic teen is very much present hence why I’m trying to keep up with it without all the ubiquitous teen dramas found in teen movies these days because she also still hasn’t shown any signs of that aspect. I’m trying to find that balance but like I said, it’s getting really difficult because the neurotypical world of entertainment doesn’t really cater to teens like her. Even the Fantasy ones geared toward teens her age and above all have the element of teen relationship/revenge dramas. I’m ok with a little bit of “mean girls” genre as long as it’s not too centered about a boy. Why does it always have to be over a boy? Girls shouldn’t have to grow up thinking they have to fight each other to be with someone. Right???

If you are in the same situation as we are and have movies with preferred aforementioned criteria to recommend, I’m all ears. Thank you in advance. By the way, she enjoyed
The Baby-Sitters Club series from Netflix since she also read the books.

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