Dingdong Dantes Shows Appreciation For Delivery Riders

When Dingdong Dantes decided to start his delivery service venture, DingDong PH(you ring it, we bring it) last year it was to help out people in the industry who couldn’t work because of the pandemic. Can’t tape TV shows and film movies which made it hard for the staff and crew to earn income. In starting this venture, there were a lot of protocols to meet, technology to learn & execute seamlessly, and training to be done to help ensure deliver a good service and of course, safety of all the riders.

Like the saying goes, you won’t know how it is until you walk a mile in someone’s shoes. Dingdong Dantes knows that full well especially after today because he set out to be a delivery rider for Valentine’s Day. This isn’t of course the first time he’s done this, both for DingDong PH and Marian’s business, FLORA VIDA by MARIAN. Except today is a bit more hectic what with Valentine’s Day after all. Considering the tropical weather in the Philippines, the oh-so incorrigible traffic, temperament of customers waiting for their goods, etc… Dingdong’s experience inspired him to share an appreciation post who works in the delivery riders industry. I believe they’ve just found a lifetime ally with him at the helm of his own business. He’s not just the owner or the face, he’s done it and will most probably keep doing it too. Now that’s A Boss!

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