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Nadine Lustre is a strong woman, perhaps stronger than one gives her credit for. However, despite having made no secret of her life and everything she has gone through so far, some still take great joy in dismissing or downright belittling her in the face of a carefully curated and considered approach to life. You know, as if they know any better.

“I guess it’s just people shitting on me, saying all these nasty things. If it weren’t for that, I don’t think I’d be strong-willed right now. I wouldn’t get to this mindset if it weren’t for that. Kunyare ako, a lot of people didn’t like me, even in production, which I couldn’t understand why. Parang ako naman, nice naman ako and all. But then it’s because of instances like that, which I’ll call bullying, that turned me into the woman that I am now—headstrong, doesn’t give a f*** what other people tell me. I listen to my heart and I do what I want to do,” she says defiantly. “That’s why all those haters or bashers online, it doesn’t affect me anymore. It’s because of their bullying that I became who I am now.”

It doesn’t really matter to Nadine Lustre anymore, because at the end of the day, you have all eyes on her, watching her every move. “I think the joke’s on you,” she laughs. “Kilalang-kilala mo ako, pero ayaw mo sa akin. So, that says a lot about the other person, not me.”

Where she would once upon a time concern herself with this unnecessary cross to bear, she is no longer paying them any mind, because at this point, the most important consideration is herself.

And so continues the story of Nadine Lustre and her healing. (READ FULL ARTICLE HERE)

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