Atasha Muhlach Is All Grown Up In Her METRO Style April Feature

Take it one step at a time—baby steps, if you have to.
Youth, in spite of its uncertainty and confusion and many decisions, was designed to be savored, and not raced through.

At 19 years old, it’s a lesson that first time Metro.Style cover girl Atasha Muhlach is learning day by day as she hurdles life’s milestones at her own pace, finding balance and stability with each moment forward.

On her mind is a mishmash of thoughts and memories, feelings and anticipations that reflect the unique in-between space she’s currently at. Post-high school life followed by college abroad—what’s that going to be like? Leaving family, tasting independence, finding an appetite for risk, deepening her understanding of the world and how she fits in it—these are next on the agenda for Atasha, as she transitions from adolescence to young adulthood.

“I’m just excited for all the experiences that will come my way. I love the idea of a challenge,” she begins.

“The overall process of learning new things is not just from Point A to Point B to your destination. It’s a matter of how you can get there and how far you can get,” she adds with a smile, showing the confidence she needs to live life the way it was meant to be lived whether she realizes it or not.(SOURCE: READ FULL ARTICLE HERE)

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