Maja Salvador Shares How Loss Of Monthly Income Inspired Her To Take Control And Manage Herself

Dubbed as “The Emancipation Of Maja Salvador” in the May 2021 issue of MEGA Entertainment, Maja shared how she took control of her life and career when ABS-CBN lost its franchise which led to Maja forming her own talent agency, Crown Artist Management. Getting a phone call that informed Maja of loss income caused her to have anxiety but she pushed through it and dug deep down her years of experience and connections in the industry.

With ABS-CBN’s closure and at the height of the pandemic, Maja received a phone call that would change her life.

“Tumawag ‘yung handler ko tapos sabi niya na parang, ‘Bunso yung kontrata niyo sa ABS suspended na ‘yun ah wala na papasok na mga bayad, ganyan wala ka na makukuha na income manggagaling sa ABS.’ Alam mo yun? ‘Okay po.’ Parang ang casual lang sinabi,” Maja recalls.

“Tapos after nun, na-kwento ko lang kay (Ram)Bo na parang, wala na akong monthly income. Tapos parang tinatanong niya, ‘Okay ka lang?’ Tapos sabi ko meron naman ipon. Meron naman akong magagamit na pang-monthly na bayarin. And then ‘nung gabi, ‘di ako makatulog, ako kasi di kasi agad nagsi-sink in yung mga bagay- bagay eh. Bibigyan mo ako ng ilang araw, bibigyan mo ako ng ilang oras para maramdaman ko para ma-feel ko talaga. Tapos nung gabi hindi talaga ako makatulog as in hindi ako makatulog at all. Parang feeling ko inaatake, first time ko ma-feel yun. Parang ang dami ko biglang iniisip…” Maja remembers how she felt after finding out she lost her means of income.

But Maja fought to overcome her anxiety and gathered herself and collected her experiences in the business to come up with an idea.

“Out of the blue, bigla ko nalang sinabi kay (Ram)bo na ‘Love, ano kaya kung ako magtuloy yung plano niyo ng Talent Agency?’ Kasi may plan siya before…” Maja shares.

“I have friends na in the industry whom I’ve been helping na for these kinds of transactions na wala lang as a friend. And with my exposure sa business kasi parang with my friends and network parang it’s just natural for me to add it. Pero hindi ko siya ginagawa kasi ako I don’t do it ‘pag yung—if I don’t have the right people to do it with. ‘Pag yung partners o kaya naman hindi ko kakayanin. So ‘yun nga parang when the whole pandemic happened and ‘yung situation niya (Maja) with ABS, parang there was one day nga na parang biglang suspended na. So that’s when the idea became really strong on her end. Of course as a person who’s working, diba kailangan may control ka sa security ng livelihood mo? So ‘ dun niya naisip to manage herself. It’s her world. So yun lang talaga yung nag-trigger, so it triggered and then it’s just natural kasi yun naman talaga yung ginagawa niya all her life with the guidance, of course, of her Star Magic before especially si Mr.M,” Rambo also shares.

So Maja Salvador partnered with Rambo (along with another friend Mikki Gonzalez) to put up Crown Artist Management.

This talent agency, more than a business, is Maja taking control and taking care of herself and other artists who have experienced what she experienced of suddenly being at a loss of income. It is also a way for her boyfriend, Rambo, to take care of her.
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