John Lloyd Cruz Opens Up About His Showbiz Break

Many people would probably consider John Lloyd Cruz‘s break a “showbiz burnout” but JLC considers it as an enlightenment(“luminaw”). Speaking to G3 San Diego in his feature with MEGA Entertainment, JLC opened up about what happened.

The period of darkness he experienced wasn’t a result of years of exhaustion only the biggest superstars usually go through. After all, John Lloyd was only 13 when he began his showbiz career. He was 33 when he left showbiz. He worked straight for 20 years.

“Hindi siya pagod eh, it’s more of parang luminaw siya. Luminaw yung nasa harap mo and parang ganun lang—in a snap of a finger, nakita mo kung ano yung totoo… na parang ‘Wow.’ Parang nagising ka sa disilusyon, parang ganun. ‘Yun yung pinaka malapit kong—kung pano ko siya ma-de-describe. Kasi hindi siya tungkol sa isang araw na napagod na ako ayoko na mag- work. Parang as if I was betrayed by my own choices, because I didn’t know, I didn’t understand the whole process of my being there.

He continues “So Monday you wake up and it would present itself to you. And then wala ‘yung pag buka ng mata mo hindi mo na pwedeng isara na, parang in a way, parang kung pano natin alamin yung mabuti at hindi mabuti.”

“Not particularly masama pero diba alam natin kung ano yung mabuti para sa atin, alam natin yung ‘di mabuti para sa atin. Parang ganun siya, hindi mo pwedeng i-deny. Hindi mo siya pwedeng—irreversible ba,” John Lloyd describes his process of enlightenment.(READ MORE HERE)

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