Marian Rivera’s Insightful Words On Life & Motherhood W/ Korina Sanchez And Darla

Korina Sanchez praised Marian Rivera at how good she is in giving advices during the Beautederm LIVE chat on Facebook this Friday night(PH time). If you’ve been a a fan of Marian for a long time you’d agree that she does churn out relatable and insightful words just about on every topic. I’m going to try to paraphrased Marian’s words with you because I do think all of us could really learn and be empowered from it. You can also watch the full video on FB.

Because of lockdown rules and basically staying at home due to COVID-19, like all parents, Marian’s patience has been tested. Being a hands-on Mom and wife, plus working at home, situations have taught her to be more patient with everything.

Korina asked Marian for advice being she’s a Mother of twins. Marian humbly and realistically gave her husband Dingdong Dantes a much-deserved credit. Not everything is fine and dandy. Marian admitted to getting flustered too on some days and she’s very grateful that her husband is also a very hands-on father to their children.

Happiness doesn’t just come from having a dyowa(partner). Darla said Family which Marian agreed wholeheartedly. Marian has also said this many times, happiness within is the key. For someone who loves with all her heart and soul, Marian can confidently say she also loves and respects herself which gives others no chance at all whatsoever to reciprocate that love and respect towards her.

Having a beautiful face is just a bonus. What’s more important is how you treat other people. ✔️✔️

While Marian and Dingdong share photos and updates of their family life, they are conscious enough not to overshare. They do it in a way that their fans know they matter and that they are grateful for all their support throughout the years but not to the point where the kids are overexposed by any means. This is what fans appreciate from Dingdong and Marian.

Marian is also not the type of person to share sad circumstances and really private stuff on her Instagram. Marian has always been this way even before she and Dingdong got married. You’d never hear problems from her because she values her privacy and frankly, it’s none of our business.

BASHERS?? To paraphrase what Marian said” I’d rather take care of my children that deal with them.” BOOM!

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