Nadine Lustre Shares How Siargao Made Her Savor Life Even More

In Nadine Lustre‘s cover feature with MEGA magazine as part of its The Big 30 anniversary issue, the star shared how she consider Siargao her home. It is the place where she gets to slow down, take her time, and savor life even more.

When Lustre talks about Siargao, she regards it as her home. It’s where she learned to truly enjoy her life.

“I’m calmer now. I’ve learned to slow down. In Siargao, everything, everyone is chill. They like taking their time. Here in the city, everything is too fast paced for me. And to be honest, there was a time when I was just tired of it. I get it, it’s different for everyone. But for some reason my life has just been me rushing doing five things at the same time. When I moved to Siargao, that’s the really the time when I got to pause my fast life and just enjoy myself. It’s really different. It’s weird, you really pick up the energy of the place. I noticed that when Im in Siargao, I was really slowing myself down and I was just taking my time. I loved it—I got to savor my life even more.” (SOURCE)

Nadine also shared in the same interview how she’s learned to catch herself when she feels anxiety and panic coming in. She has learned to navigate her thoughts, handle herself and that she can’t control everything. While it was tough and a lot of work, Nadine says she’s happy that she can “flow with life with now fear.” Read the whole feature here!

(Image: MEGA)

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