3 Tips for Easing Separation Anxiety in Children

Childhood separation anxiety is a common occurrence, especially when a child starts at a new school or daycare. You will likely recognize the signs of anxiety around drop-off time. Common signs of separation anxiety include irritable or sad behavior, running after a parent and refusal to enter the daycare building.

These anxieties are challenging for kids and parents alike, but luckily, they can be handled with compassionate care. Follow the tips below and look for a daycare Nocatee FL that has the staff and experience necessary to handle these situations.

1. Bring a Family Photo.

Young children may benefit from having a family photo on display at the childcare center. When a child feels sad, looking at the picture is often a gentle reminder that mom and dad are always close at heart. Some daycare centers may choose to display all the family photos on one large wall like a collage, while others may keep the pictures in a child’s cubby.

2. Use Distraction.

Kids are easily distracted, and this tendency can be a useful tool in dealing with separation anxiety. If a child starts to cry or run after a parent at drop-off time, the teacher can step in with a new toy or activity. When the child becomes interested in the new thing to explore, mom or dad can quietly leave the room.

3. Be Patient.

Always keep in mind that it takes time for children (and adults) to adjust to new routines. If your child is showing signs of anxiety, be patient with him or her. You haven’t done anything wrong as a parent and your child isn’t doing anything wrong, either.

Most separation anxiety issues in children resolve on their own with time, support and compassion from caregivers. However, if your child’s separation anxiety is lasting longer than several weeks and is accompanied by increasingly hostile or destructive behavior, it may be a good idea to loop in a child therapist for additional guidance.

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