My Michael Kors Lita Medium Two-Tone Logo Crossbody Bag Is Here!!

My 3rd Michael Kors bag is the Lita Medium Two-Tone Logo Crossbody. When I found out the bag size requirement at the venue for Jo Koy’s show a few weeks ago, I wanted this Michael Kors Lita but it wasn’t going to get here in time. Unless I paid fast shipping of course but I didn’t want to since I have free shipping with my membership. It just takes almost 2 weeks which I really don’t mind. I decided to just go ahead and buy a $15 bag from Amazon which was delivered a day. Anyway…. I still purchased the Lita Crossbody because I figured it would be something chic and lovely for special occasions where carrying a large bag is unnecessary. I’ll always prefer large bags but on special occasions a clutch or small shoulder would be much better. I do have a beige clutch which I let Emma borrow for her Middle School dance. I also have a red croc clutch that I’ve had for years, the one I just bought from Amazon, and now this Michael Kors Lita Medium Two-Tone Logo Crossbody Bag which as you’ll see in the photos below has a chain so I can carry it as a clutch.


There’s another MK bag I want to get but I’m still thinking about it. If and when I do it would probably the last I buy for now, HAH. I’ve spoiled myself too much already.

Dexie Jane

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