Ruru Madrid’s GALA Style: YAY Or Nay?

Fashion/Style is an expression of oneself. I’m curious what has Ruru Madrid‘s been trying to express in his recent looks during the MEGA Ball back in June and last night’s Vogue Philippines’ inauguration gala. Avant-Garde much? Both looks were styled by David Millan. The next question is, YAY or NAY?

I saw a Tweet the other day wherein the person was glad Ruru did not attend the GMA Network Gala because God only knows what Ruru would have worn that night to go with Old Hollywood theme. Personally speaking, I prefer my stylish men in classic suits. Unless of course it’s like a fun-themed costume kind of gala party, KWIM? If I ever see Dingdong Dantes, Alden Richards, Dennis Trillo, and Piolo Pascual dressing like Ruru at a GALA, I am going to lose my mind. 😅😂😱 To each its own, I guess.

This handsewn piece from Paris-based designer Jude Macasinag very much invokes a Spanish Matador.

This gold sparkly ensemble was from Chynna Mamawal.

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