Gabbi Garcia & Khalil Ramos For Cosmopolitan Philippines

Showbiz couples often don’t stand the test of time, and many rumors of “uncouplings” are regular fodder for the rumor mill. One of the few exceptions is the perfect pairing of talented tandem Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos, who have been together for five years and are growing strong, giving life to “sana all” comments on their sweet social media posts. The couple, who recently shared photos of their first-ever couple’s escapade to Los Angeles, also took time to share their secret to relationship longevity with Cosmopolitan Philippines.


Through all the struggles of stardom, they say it helps that their partner is also a part of showbiz. “It’s so valuable. It keeps me sane. I’m grateful that there’s one person who can understand me in all aspects of my life. It’s like a zipper that you just zip together. I’m really grateful that with him, I don’t even have to explain anything, he just gets it. Everything that’s happening to me, everything that I’m thinking of, all the struggles in my life, he knows,” Gabbi explains.

Khalil adds. “Also with the nature of this business, having someone that you can entirely trust and someone who could just really unconditionally accept who you are is very important. For me, the most valuable thing to have is to have someone who can just be with you all throughout the entire thing, kasi life is not easy. That’s one thing that I like about Gab. We really fit like a glove. So you don’t only learn so much about each other, but your core gets nourished as well.”(READ FULL ARTICLE HERE)

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