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With a new single out, OVERGROWN, plus an upcoming album, Nadine Lustre is living her life, powerful and unaplogetic in the new cover of METRO magazine. The photos did not disappoint. President Nadine IS BACK!

Nadine Lustre Is Living By Her Own Rules
The “Deleter” actress talked about what makes her tick, her methods of self-love, and how she sprang into her newest niche.

Mystery is Nadine’s classic charm. It’s everywhere—on her Instagram feed; in her discreet yet depth-infused photos; and in her once-little world that has become little no more. She has touched down to earth to become every filmmaker’s, brand’s, and fashion house’s muse. She’s omnipresent, yet still elusive. She is the conundrum circulating in the air that we can’t stop breathing in.

It’s the Nadine effect—pulling us closer, raking in a following of millions, and hypnotizing fans and entertainment stalwarts alike. Although my reductive first impression of her would always be aloof, remote, and hard to pin down, in an interview with Metro.Style, I got to walk the trails of her inner map, and to be honest, she’s a rather “chill” one.

On lending a piece of herself to the public
Nadine’s diary of experiences, more often than not, comes in tiles of photos uploaded on Instagram. If you want to catch wind of anything juicy that’s going on with her private life, just scour the web for articles or even paparazzi shots—that is if the paparazzi can even get a hold of her.

If you want to have a peek at her evolving fashion choices, head straight to her online store. But if you want to keep up with Nadine’s unpredictable timetable, Instagram is your guy. Here, you can check out what she’s up to—if she’s eating at a fancy resto, or just in a casual Siargao scene, or by the window capturing the Metro Manila cityscape.

Luckily, she’s now treating us to a more intimate space. Her newly-minted YouTube channel, which was launched last February, gives us a glimpse of Nadine’s inner sphere—from the likes of flower arranging with “Diamond Star” Maricel Soriano, whom she calls “Inay,” to a cute video clip of her 4-year-old self blowing her birthday cake.

“What I wanted to do with it is to kind of let people into my life a bit more,” Nadine responded, when asked what she wanted to convey in her vlog exactly. An outlet for her creativity and a means to keep her fans in the know, Nadine promised that while she is yet to explore her process in video content production, the rationale behind is to let people in.

“You have to plan a lot, too, which is something that I admit that I haven’t been doing a lot,” she said, at the time when she was preparing to leave for her France vacation. “It’s because everything is just moving so fast. I never got the time to really sit down and plan but hopefully when I’m on the plane, I get to kind of plan what it is that I want to include in the videos.”


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