Nadine Lustre Sets “Fans” Straight For Creating Drama, Believing Chismis, & Calling Her “Tanga” In Group Chats

When Nadine Lustre‘s fan commented on a Vegan Cheese post of her boyfriend(YES, in a Vegan Cheese post 🤦‍♀️) about a chismis she/he have heard, Nadine herself called out the fan to stop acting like she/he’s concerned but is merely creating drama in 2023. When another fan replied remininding Nadine of a past relationship, Nadne called out the fan for being rude and offensive. Then Nadine went on to Twitter to really set these fans straight up after some of these fans called her “tanga”/stupid in their groupd chats.

Seriously though, these so-called fans need to step out and touch grass and remind themselves constantly that they have no control over their favorite celebrities’ lives. Like, they really don’t no matter how much they think they’re “defending” or speaking on their behalf in a relationship. Regardless of the outcome, unless Nadine or any celebrity for that matter, personally asked you to, just mind your own business.

Dexie Jane

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