Julia Barretto In PREVIEW PH September 2023 Feature Cover

After darkness comes the light, and a new page awaits where new stories can be written. As a bright star in her generation, Julia Barretto is among those weaving her own tale.

There’s beauty in the wreckage that Julia Barretto finds herself in. Among the dirtied makeshift lahar, she, in white, stands as a pristine contrast. Like a peaceful fragment that shines in the dried-out mudflow, remnants of ruin long past.

Garbed in an array of customized white creations from this year’s Preview Best Filipino Fashion Designers honorees—namely Cheetah Rivera, Chris Nick, HA.MÜ, Novel, and Randolf—Julia is goddess-like among women. She sways in the center of dancers from Ballet Philippines, and the tableau before us is almost ritualistic. The symbols are all there: In the dark scene, the divine moon shines above those who dwell in the night. Water is poured into a river by white-clad holders, like telltale signs of purification across cultures.

A Clean Slate
Beyond her first love of acting and fashion, her status as a trendsetter and a trailblazer transcends into another facet of herself as Julia Barretto, the entrepreneur. Helming the lifestyle brand The Juju Club since 2021, Julia has received her fair share of nuggets of wisdom, which can be applicable to life in the long run.

“Nothing in life really comes easy,” she says. “It might be fast and exciting at first, but it doesn’t mean it’s gonna be that way for as long as your business runs. The passion you put in in the beginning should be the same passion every single day.” (SOURCE/READ FULL ARTICLE HERE)

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