Pia Wurtzbach For METRO October 2023

Pia Wurtzbach: A Story About A Storyteller
Pia Wurtzbach details her journey to becoming a published author, inspiring with her relatable storytelling through the book “Queen of the Universe.” Queen P embodies the modern woman in pieces from GUCCI’s Pre-Fall 2023 collection

In the not-so-distant past, women were at home, totally content with perfecting their cookie-cutter creations and not much else.

But times have changed and Pia Wurtzbach is here to remind the modern woman of her multifaceted-ness. It is this kind of versatility that the outfit she rocks for this Metro cover exudes: sexy yet sophisticated, feminine yet strong. Much like the evolution of the modern woman, her accessory, the Gucci Horsebit 1955 top handle bag, is also rich in history. The collection, which has a modern spirit, unifies the details first introduced on the original bag that inspired the line from over six decades ago, highlighting the Horsebit. Part of Gucci’s genetic code, the double ring and bar design has been established as one of the most distinctive elements among the House symbols borrowed from the equestrian world.

According to Pia, the operative word in women’s lives today is choice—the choice to decide if she wants to find joy in making a home, climbing the corporate ladder, nurturing her entrepreneurial spirit, running after creative pursuits, or in some cases, all of the above.

One look at Pia’s updated resume proves that she speaks from experience. Since winning the Miss Universe title in 2015, the 34-year-old has also become a Metro Channel host, starred in films, nabbed brand endorsements, become a Mrs., and most recently, launched her debut novel, Queen of the Universe. Though a work of fiction, Pia hopes its story communicates one of the realest life lessons women can learn: that the universe celebrates every kind of woman, no matter how she chooses to live her life. The newly minted author talks to Metro.Style about her first journey as a writer and the secrets behind what she hopes is only the beginning of a career in publishing. (READ FULL STORY HERE!)

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