Donny Pangilinan & Belle Mariano For METRO Style

Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano‘s Bold New Era
“Can’t Buy Me Love” leads Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano prove yet again why they’re considered outstanding stars of this generation

“Ang cool lang na kahit ilang years na tayo magkasama, na nagwo-work together, iba pa rin ’yung challenge,” Donny Pangilinan tells us, subtly eye-beaming at Belle Mariano as if asked to share a message to his onscreen partner. “That’s what we look for,” he adds as we tackle the factors that come into play when they pick projects, and she enthusiastically nods in agreement.

As we catch up and get cozy with Donny and Belle at a Scandinavian dining area setup in the Philippine School of Interior Design’s PHusion exhibit, it’s easy to see how at home they are in each other’s company. Their closeness is palpable, their banter is effortless, and their chemistry is magnetic.

They know each other so well they could follow one’s line of thoughts and finish each other’s sentences. “Fighting for what’s right. I think that’s what I have na pareho ko kay Caroline,” Belle replies when asked to share her similarities with her latest onscreen character. “Ano ba?” she asks Donny. After a short pause, he offers, “Fashionista ka rin!”

Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano’s DonBelle team-up is in its fourth year. With two movies, three series, and a slew of events, appearances, and shoots together, there’s no better way to describe the career trajectory of this New Gen Love Team than onwards and upwards. (READ FULL FEATURE HERE)

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