Michelle Dee’s National Costume For Miss Universe 2023

(Images: Miss Universe PH Facebook)

Michelle Dee‘s National Costume For Miss Universe 2023. Is it a YAY or NAY? When I first saw it on Instagram last night and reading the inspiration behind it I thought it was cool. I wasn’t completely blown away by it though. Upon seeing more photos today, I’m not too keen about it. I know it represents Michelle Dee as an Air Force Reservist but the structure is a bit amateur and the colors seems muted to. The “Love Philippines” background on the back of the wings could be a little bit more vibrant too. Hey, sorry. I wanted to love it but it’s just not calling to me at this moment. I apologize to the Artist. I don’t mean to be Ms. Debbie Downer. Thankfully, this is just a small part of the pageant so it will be OK. Good Luck, MMD!

“In the grand tapestry of the Philippines comes a National costume as stunning as its archipelago. Behold, Sergeant Michelle Marquez Dee, Miss Universe Philippines, adorned in the nation’s pride and heritage. With each thread woven into the “solihiya” pattern, an iconic design used in the tropics of the Philippines, it embraces her body flawlessly — unfolding the story of the islands’ unity and artistry. 🇵🇭

Rising from her back, wings bear the colors of the Philippine flag and a mural of it’s most breathtaking sights while parading the country’s official tourism slogan: #LoveThePhilippines. Crowned with a captain’s hat, this is a salute to her role as an Air Force reservist and to our boundless adventures awaiting in the skies!

This National Costume represents the Philippines itself — resilient, radiant and ready to embrace the Universe! “

Wearing an amazing creation by @barassimichael! Giving justice to a concept that aims to promote tourism to the country WE ARE PROUD TO SHOWCASE TO THE UNIVERSE.

Creative direction @michelledee @personifi.io @ianlorenz
Styling team @styledbykennethr @diosokarl
Photo by @rapyuphotos
Visuals @joshuasalvs
Face @davequiambao_
Hair @nellyseboy

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