Sharon Cuneta Informs Fans Of No Contact W/ Gabby Concepcion After “Dear Heart” Concert

Sharon Cuneta informs the ShaGab fans who are hoping and expecting more after their concert, Dear Heart, that they’re not in contact anymore. They don’t talk, text, or see each other at all. The have and live separate lives. Sharon also asked the fans to spare her children from all the bashings. They are private people and don’t deserve the negativity. And then…. Gabby Concepcion responded with a Grinch gif.

It’s kinda sad. no? That Sharon and Gabby are at this point in their lives and somehow still have friction between them. They were all chill during their concert promos and the concert itself and made their fans happy but it seems like they back to square one. Oh well, it was good while it lasted I guess. Hay Naku!

Dexie Jane

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