Melai Cantiveros For PREVIEW PH January 2024

Many can elicit a giggle, but only a select few can have an entire nation in stitches just because of their candor. Melai is situated in that elite group, though she’s just as bewildered as to how she found herself there exactly. “Ako talaga, hindi ko alam kung natural [yung humor ko]. Thank you, Lord, kung natural talaga,” she ruminates. “Magsalita lang ako o gumalaw lang ako, matatawa na [ang mga tao].”

Back then, the only audience Melai had for her quips was her tight-knit group of friends. But ever since she became one of Kuya’s housemates on Pinoy Big Brother, that small-town girl from General Santos gradually transformed into the country’s national jester. Every “charing” and “kuan” she lets out effortlessly births a million views and laugh reactions on social media.

After all of these years, people still can’t get enough of Melai. The funny thing is, she doesn’t even need to try.

The Hometown Hero
It all started at home for our resident funny girl. Before she and her kids went viral for their spontaneous song and dance numbers—ice cream, anyone?—Melai’s own childhood was laced with her mother’s melodies.

“Nung bata kasi ako, kinakantahan rin ako ng mama ko. Nung naging nanay na rin ako, ginagawa ko na rin sa mga anak ko. Parang naging bonding na namin,” she narrates. “Parang hindi ko naman in-expect na magiging katuwaan ‘to ng ibang tao. Sobra akong amazed.” (READ FULL ARTICLE HERE)

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