February-March 2024 Reads

3 books for each month of February and March. They’re all ebooks so that means I need to go get me some Hardcover or paperback soon. I haven’t had anything jump at me though when I go to the store. Sometimes I need to get that feeling to pick up a novel so I’m gonna go through my Amazon Kindle for a bit while I wait for that magical feeling when I read a synopsis from the back of a book when I’m perusing at the bookstore. Anyway, how’s your reading journey thus far?

Critical Doubt by Barbara Freethy: 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

They met in a war-torn city on the other side of the world and shared an anonymous night of passion. They didn’t intend to meet again. Nor did they think they’d be reunited by sinister secrets…

Five years later, FBI Agent Savannah Kane is headed to a small town in Georgia for the funeral of her best friend’s husband. Going home is fraught with complications, but Savannah never imagined one of those would be Ryker Stone, the stranger she’d shared an unforgettable night with.

Haunted by an ambush that took the lives of two men in his unit, Ryker now copes by living a solitary civilian life. Attending the funeral of yet another solider, this one lost to a senseless accident, he is shocked to run into the beautiful stranger he has never forgotten.

When another man in Ryker’s former unit dies under suspicious circumstances, he suspects that someone is targeting his team. He’s determined to get to the truth; Savanah is just as determined to get answers for her friend. Neither wants to work with the other, and as they struggle with trust and attraction, the truth grows murkier…and more dangerous. Will finding answers reveal secrets neither one of them is ready to know? (SOURCE)

Greed(The Damning 1)by Katie May: 3⭐⭐⭐

For hundreds of years, Nightmares have ruled the world.
Descended from the Seven Deadly Sins, these supernatural creatures have enslaved and tortured the human race.

I have lived my entire life fighting back against the monsters that have plagued this world. A deadly assassin and a member of the resistance, I only have one motto: kill or be killed.

When The Damning commences – a fight to the death against the world’s most brutal serial killers, assassins, and torturers – a twist of fate finds me as one of the competitors. Despite my initial reluctance, I find myself eagerly participating. But what I didn’t count on, however, were the seven princes. (SOURCE)

Totally Pucked by Lauren Blakely: 3⭐⭐⭐

Ever hear the story about the gal who got dumped with this parting shot? “And, maybe you need some lessons in the bedroom.”

Sure, I wanted to shout at my “You suck in bed too.”
But I’m a lady. I didn’t say that.

I do, however, share the whole sorry story over drinks to my best guy friend—the hockey star who’s been my bestie forever.
And he’s suddenly intensely curious about these bedroom lessons. He’s so damn interested, he says, “I’d be willing to be your test subject.”(SOURCE)

Little Broken Things by Cheryl Bradshaw: 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Detective Georgiana Germaine is back on the trail of a cold-blooded killer, and once again, the case hits close to home.

Twenty-year-old Olivia Spencer sits at her desk in her mother’s bookshop, dreaming about her upcoming wedding. The shop may be closed, but Olivia’s not alone, and her dream is about to become her worst nightmare. (SOURCE)

A Bookshop to Die For by M.P. Black: 3⭐⭐⭐

Ditching her fiancé at the altar, Alice Hartford bolts to her childhood hometown to reconnect with the last, happy remnant of her her mom’s old bookstore.

But the bookstore is falling apart. And when a handyman working there falls to his death, the local chief of police insists it’s an accident. Alice knows better and must put her detective skills to the test — before a determined developer destroys her last chance at a new beginning.(SOURCE)

She Knows Too Much by Pamela Crane: 4⭐⭐⭐⭐

A lot of people want Victor Valance dead. But only one is willing to pull the trigger…and is about to do it again.

Bloodson Bay has a dark history soaked in blood and revenge. When a murder is linked to three friends, it’s tough to prove their innocence when they each have a motive.

Tara: the town troublemaker with a heart of gold.
Ginger: the wild grandma whose fashion is stuck in 1986.
Sloane: the deaf entrepreneur thrust into fame after her husband is murdered.(SOURCE)

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