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For a joint Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebration, Modern Parenting PH magazine is featuring our favorite reel-real power couple, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. DongYan as we love to call them continue to be one of showbiz couples who exemplify modern parenting as they navigate their roles as parents to their children Zia and Sixto, while being successful in their careers at every turn and also contributing to their community in more ways than one. It is difficult to juggle everything but Dingdong and Marian have shown how they do it with their signature charm, mature perspective, and well, AWESOME time management.

(strong>Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes: On Top of the World by MARIANE PEREZ

Celebrity power couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes spill the tea about how they manage to have a lasting marriage while embracing parenthood and owning the spotlight.

Whatever it is that separates mere mortals from movie stars, the power couple that is Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes has it in spades. A combination of striking good looks — hers that of a classic beauty, and his those of a dashing leading man — coupled with acting talent, mass appeal, and genuine likability, have made them undisputed primetime television and box office royalty.

The undeniable success of their first onscreen tandem though led to a slew of projects, from the romance and fantasy of Dyesebel, to the suspense of Ang Babaeng Hinugot Sa Aking Tadyang, and much more. It likewise led the two actors, who had been so adept at playing lovers on screen, to fall for each other in real life.

Fast forward to today, and the couple has two children, Letizia (or Zia) and Sixto, and is
set to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary later this year. They’re also fresh off the heels
of yet another phenomenal success, that being their blockbuster movie Rewind.

All in the family
On top of being award-winning actors and entrepreneurs, Marian and Dingdong are also loving parents to 8-year-old Zia and 5-year-old Sixto, who both have seemingly inherited their parents’ good looks and charm.

With them being “mini-mes” of the country’s power couple, it’s no wonder brands have been lining up, and eager to work with all the members of the Dantes family. Whether or not these plans come to fruition, according to Marian, is highly dependent on Zia herself.

“Tinatanong namin siya, kasi yung time na nag-shoo-shoot siya, at least alam nya na ginusto niya yun. May commitment siya doon at sa mga tao doon,” Marian explains. “Kumbaga, may free will siya na gawin or hindi, yung mga ayaw at gusto niyang gawin.”

Dingdong qualifies this by saying that there will come a time, especially as Zia gets older, wherein as parents they may have to impose more boundaries. The 43-year-old actor and father likewise emphasizes the importance of choosing the right people to work with. “You really have to believe in what we or what she is promoting or endorsing. Not just to her, but to us as a family.”

Quality time in their dream home
When the Dantes family isn’t busy at work and with school, they are always eager to travel. Marian shares that Dingdong loves planning their trips, always excitedly thinking about where they could go next.

They also love cocooning in their new home, a modern space designed by the couple with architect Milo Vasquez. It is here in this dream house that on typical day, Marian and the kids would wake up to a breakfast prepared by Dingdong. “We value yung breakfast moments, especially pag walang trabaho,” he shares.(READ FULL FEATURE HERE!!)

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