Sarah Geronimo Is The PEP Headliner For July 2024

Her journey to fame was no easy ride. She got real help, yes, but nothing was ever just handed to her.

She had to do the ground work. From the time she was declared grand winner of Star for a Night in 2003, a singing competition hosted by the revered Regine Velasquez that aired in IBC-13, to two decades after, Sarah has been one hardworking artist.

Unbelievably, she was just 14 then, and yet the years that followed were moments, hours, and days—of discipline, training, and rehearsals; of experimentation with image and style, of diet and exercise, of being closeted from parties that girls her age went to; of keeping away from sweets that hurt the voice, of rushing through commutes, of following directions, and of memorizing cues and scripts.

Generally, years of behaving like a little adult.

Yet today, thinking back, Sarah says it feels like the years have gone by so quickly.

She tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal): “Sa totoo nga, hindi ko napansin na parang two decades na pala yun. Parang ang tanda na po, di ba?”

This happens during her sit-down interview and pictorial at the PEP office on May 22, 2024, which lasts five-and-a-half hours and goes smoothly, thanks in good measure to Sarah not being a diva.

She is bubbly, yet not loud, throughout the shoot. Her quick smile keeps the air light.

Occasionally, she cracks jokes that ease the tedium ahead—the makeup session, the change of outfits, the deliberations among stylists and shoot producers; working out the poses and pegs, waiting for photographers and videographers to calibrate lighting and scene; the constant checks of the monitor, the tests on mood and tone of visuals, and the coordination between Sarah’s team and the team that must be kept smooth and going. (SOURCE/READ FULL ARTICLE AT PEP)

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