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This summer heat is something else. We’ve reached 99 degrees in our area and an hour drive over to Raleigh is 118 degrees. We have a pool and trust me, we’ve jumped on it since end of May. We will most definitely keep enjoying it when or even the water is in the 90s. The perfect pool temperature water is 89degrees, by the way. For me anyway. Not too hot not to cold, just perfect. Seriously though the other day I swear I was sweating while in the pool, HAHA! It was around 95degrees. WHOA! The thing is, it is just TOO HOT these days. I think the hottest summer I’ve experienced. So what do you do? Well, there’s A/C indoors so that’s a life saver. We can only enjoy too much Netflix, Hulu, and Prime though. Catching up with TV shows and movies for sure. I’m sure I’m not the only one spending time with their kiddos as much as we can before the new school year starts. The trick is to find other activities to do while not getting burned by the sun. Especially with me and my daughter. We pretty much wait until later in the day to swim as much as we can. You should see our tan though. Anyway, so I’ve found online games we’ve enjoyed a lot.

My autistic daughter is quite a gamer and she loves Powerpuff Girls. The Powerpuff Girls Panic In Townsville game is cool. Our favorite girls Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles are here to save the day.

For little ones, there are plenty of educational and fun games to do. I like the Money Mosaic puzzle game. It’s simple and basic and easy for any ages to understand. You can pick from different dollar bills and grids which are 8, 12, and 16 slices.

If your child likes blocks there’s the Merging Blocks game. Sets of 3 blocks to match and score.

My personal favorites are the Grocery Store Games particularly the Idle Hypermart and Tap Supermarket. I can play those games for hours. They’re so relaxing for me because I actually don’t need to spend real money but get to enjoy buying SO MUCH groceries. PLUS, the cashiers are so fast, LOL! I enjoy grocery shopping, what can I say?

Also another favorite are the classic Mahjong Solitaire games. I just love them. It keeps my mind sharp for sure.

I shouldn’t forget the Cooking Mahjong. Hello, cooking, recipes, mahjong blocks. I can’t tell you enough how entertaining that is for me.

There are so many games to enjoy. Not just for yourself but the kids as well while you try to entertain them inside for a couple of hours in a day. There are food related ones like Pizza Cafe where gthey get to build pizza with toppings for customers. Or the Burger Shop where you get to build a burger from bottom up. The Chocolate Shop is another favorite ‘coz I’m chocoholic and all. It’s a 10-stage confectionery level of heaven, HAH! There are Math games to keep them noggins thinking while still having fun. Check out these online games and try to keep cool during this summer heat.

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