Ivana Alawi On Criticisms She Receives As A Content Creator

As a content creator on the social media platforms, Ivana Alawi has encountered plenty of criticisms but she’s learned how to deal with them. Basically, don’t read the comments as her Manager advised her. It comes with the territory especially when you’re on top of the game. You are doing amazing, Ivana!

When asked how she deals with criticism, Alawi admitted that she doesn’t read negative comments on her platforms anymore, and would rather focus on other things.

“Hindi mo talaga mape-please lahat ng tao. Always keep in mind na may mga taong magugustuhan ka [or hindi],” she said. “Pero para sa’kin, I don’t read the comments. Basta ako, I am just myself. Kung hindi man nila [magustuhan] ‘yung gagawin kong content, salamat at nanonood pa rin.”

(You can’t please everyone. Always keep in mind that people will either like or dislike you. But for me, I don’t read the comments. I am just myself. If they don’t like the content I’m doing, thank you because you still tuned in.)

Alawi added that she learned how to move forward from criticism through time, saying her manager always reminded her to avoid reading negative comments on social media.

“Kung magpapakontrol ako sa kanila, ano ‘yung magagawa kong content… [pero] mahabang proseso siya. Siguro, ‘yung manager ko, tinuruan ako ng ‘no reading’ ng comments (If I allowed myself to be controlled by them, what kind of content would I create? But it was a long process. I guess my manager taught me to not read the comments),” she said.(SOURCE)

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