A Netizen Expresses Anger Towards Maine Mendoza’s Manager Rams David

Bear in mind that Rams David is most probably the person who’s had to take inquiring calls asking for official statements after Maine Mendoza published her 3-page open letter on her blog. He’s also most probably who’s had to answer calls asking why Maine haven’t been in Eat Bulaga 2 days after that and when she decided to go on a hiatus for this month of December(or why she might be suspended but we’re not calling it that way, *WINK*). The same person who is most probably the one protecting Maine Mendoza by not releasing any kind of statement in order to avoid it being misinterpreted or shot to hell when or if Maine decides to come back. You just never know at this point where the mood takes you, HAH!

Ateng, as we lovingly call Rams David, is also most probably the person who’s had to respect and cater to Maine’s wishes of sticking to be an Eat Bulaga host after experiencing the rigorous ways of taping a teleserye. The same person who’s had to negotiate with GMA Network about the same teleserye or any other teleserye offers that could match whatever Maine is capable of or willing to give for a role.

Imagine having to deal with all the aftermath and consequences(endorsement holiday campaigns that needed to be postponed, etc) that resulted from that 3-page letter on top of doing a Manager’s job as best as you can to protect Maine and then get messages like these on a daily basis, even on photos that has nothing to do with Maine. It seems like everyone else BUT Maine who has had to deal with or be responsible for everything and still get bashed incessantly. Alden Richards being on top of the list of course. Le Sigh!

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