Alden Richards’ Father Says A Story From An ALDUB Fan Is FICTION

Alden Richards‘ father is not letting another false story linger by calling it FICTION and shutting it down right away. This is not the first time Alden’s father had to step in to clarify fake stories being spread around by specific ALDUB fans for their KILIG consumption albeit delusional, unfathomable, and just plain stupid. Remember when he said he doesn’t have a daughter-in-law, no grandchild, and no wedding happened? What about the time he corrected someone’s false claims about their family’s Christmas trip? This time around this old woman has made up a story of Alden visiting Maine at the last taping day of her movie. This is one of the same fans whom Maine actually called out on her 2nd letter where she confirmed to be dating Arjo Atayde exclusively. HAH!

It’s like, move on already. Have some self-respect and stop embarrassing yourselves for the online world to see. GEEZ!

Dexie Jane

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