My Attempt At A Decorated 4-Layer Birthday Cake

I’ve made birthday cakes before of course but nothing all fancy and stuff. I usually just order birthday cakes for my children with a particular theme which is whatever they’re into at that year. This year’s goal is to make birthday cakes for my family and this is actually my 3rd attempt at making a decorated birthday cake. First was my Husband’s chocolate cake back in February and my son’s birthday back in April. Let me just say that the baking part is not the problem but the decorating is. I am terrible at piping those pretty roses and whatever tip design I have. I NEED TO PRACTICE but the problem with that is having to eat ’em once finished. As much as we love cake around here there’s just no way we could have it twice a week, HAH! So I pretty much attempt at my “masterpieces” when there’s a special occasion.

And I try, and I try…

First, I made buttercream frosting for the decors. Emma wanted purple and pink so I used those. I piped big and small designs then put the pan in the fridge to chill the rosettes so they’ll hold firm once added into the cake.

The cakes are chocolate and classic white. For the cake I used whipped cream cheese frosting in between each layer and the outside. This is the crumb coat process which is a thin coat of frosting outside to kinda seal the cake to make the last coat of frosting smooth and clean. Chill this in the fridge for 2 hours.

The final coat. It’s not perfect but it’s smooth thanks to the crumb coat process.

VOILA. emma’s 4-layer chocolate and white cake with rosettes.

She liked it.

Here’s the inside of the cake. Like I said, I need practice and maybe someday I’ll be able to decorate like the bakers from Wilton.

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