Netizens Call Out KC Concepcion For Her Yacht Photo Amidst #UlyssesPH

The overall comment from netizens is that KC Concepcion‘s yacht photo doesn’t match her caption message about climate, resilience, and empathy. That it is showing her privilege and a bit tone-deaf while Filipinos are literally drowning and have lost their own homes. It would have been better if KC posted hotlines for rescue and/or updates of what’s really going on at the moment. Her fans were quick to explain that it is an old photo and the ones critiquing should focus on the message instead. FYI, KC has been posting infos and news on her Instagram stories.

Dexie Jane

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One thought on “Netizens Call Out KC Concepcion For Her Yacht Photo Amidst #UlyssesPH

  • November 13, 2020 at 4:42 pm

    Akala ko ako lang ang nakapansin. KC, oo na maganda at sosyal ka. Maging sensitive minsan.


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